follow me / for all the insanity / settle with the other things / golden stuff inside of me / finally / shattered glass / i exist in the sludge between fiction and fact / future and past / life or death in a parallel disaster / windows fractured / billions on the rapture / right around the corner / ring around the rosie / sing well lose it all to ashes, ashes / so taste what it is / hands which you took from your lip / this thing is real / a stupid kind of evil / pedal to the metal / seek all duty / twisting the world to eternity / im sick of it / out of the mall / and into the fray / so little time / so much pain / a flash in the pan / a smack in the face / kill the world with whatever it takes! / follow me / for all the insanity / follow with the zombie / yours up in front of me arising / we asphyxiated / an entire generation / triumphing in places / losing our patience / were not racist / your same nation / let us end tribulation / revolution in the lady / unadulterated hatred / rising out, oh hell ill embrace it / so ill hate till i hate it! / new world will be yours / my body loves psycho punching / because i know god atones himself / u-g-l-y / you aint got no alibi / but you do have valentines / the day of doom approaches / so kiss my ass and eat my shit / go fuck yourself with your smelly ass dick / so prepare for war / because im young arrogant and hate everything you stand for!


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